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Brian Allen Ministries and Music
"Set Free"
The Testimony of Brian Allen

I grew up in a Christian home where my dad was a pastor for 40yrs.  However, I did not live a Christian life.  I was a drug addict and choose the ways of the world for a long time.  I got saved in prison while serving a 4 1/2 sentence for trafficking drugs from California to North Carolina.   I learned how to sing and play guitar in prison.  After my release I started a ministry called More Than Conquerors.  I sing original songs, lead worship events, give my testimony and preach.  God has used this ministry to touch many lives; we are seeing about 20 people saved a month.  Three of my songs have topped the independent contemporary Christian radio charts.  "Greater Is Your Name" was #1 this year and "Your Love" was #1 last year.  Also last year "Not On My Own" was #2..  God is using my music in a mighty way to spread the gospel.  We are now booked 4 months in advance, from men’s conferences to youth rallies to jails and prisons.   I married a wonderful Christian woman and we just had our first child.  Winning her family over was a huge challenge due to my past, but they all love and prayerfully support me now.  Upon my release from prison I finished a Bachelor of Bible Theology degree from Lancaster Bible College and became a full time pastor.  I just resigned to step out and do my ministry full time.  There is a whole lot more to my story but I just wanted to give you the highlights.  All I want to do is reach lost people, help broken families and tell the world about Jesus.  If my story could help you or any one you know, please share it.  We would love to come minister at your church or event.  Send us a message on the contact page!